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2020 NW Aloclek Dr., Ste. 122, 
Hillsboro, OR 97123, phone: 503.533.4833
Welcome to Micnelf USA Inc.! Welcome to Micnelf USA Inc.!
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Welcome to Micnelf USA, Inc.

Welcome to the Micnelf USA Inc.
web site!
Based in Hillsboro, Oregon,
the company was started with the vision of
supplying the agriculture industry with superior
quality and consistently reliable plant nutrition
products. Use of micronutrients is essential in
agricultural production and we have an array of
single and multi-nutrient products that we market
under our own brand names, as well as custom
mixtures to cater to the specific needs of the
farmer and the crop. At Micnelf USA Inc., we
take pride in our level of customer service and
the quality of products that we offer. Contact us
today for more information.